Sunday, October 20, 2013

Melts my heart

Aust insure knows how to melt my heart.
1st cried when he couldn't got to nursery cuz it was stake conference.
2nd asking to watch Jesus befor bed
It's these moments in life where we know that the church is true and that the gospel is a blessing in our lives and that I don't know where I would be without it in my life, I believe in Joseph smith and the gospel that he restored, I believe in Thomas s. Monson as a true prophet of god.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Austin being well austin

so Austin has this thing about the at&t commercials, it could be that they are all with little kids. i don't know all i know is that he LOVES them he stops everything he is doing and watches them. he even acts them out as you can see:) we sure love our little monkey!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Daddy time

Austin has been having a lot of fun with Travis these past few days. Playing on the floor and rolling around.
After befor bed Austin has been asking about Jesus a lot. So after we read and pray we watch a short little video about Jesus and its just such a great way to end the day.
Travis and Austin have been taking break while tey play so Travis will lay down, then Austin will usually do the same. Sometimes he even copies him it is always so funny when I come back in the room to find the two laying just the same or siting just the same. Melts my heart to see Austin and Travis play together.


Went walking the other day... Austin was a little tired to begin with but man was he tired by the end kept Fallon asleep.

Nona's house

Austin loves this "kitty" blanket at Nona's house. And we love living so close that we can visit all the time.

Pet store

Went to petco with some friends after a trader joes play group tour. Austin kept asking for a nemo he wanted one so bad. But let's just say every fish I have dies within a few hours. So no fish but maybe one day we can get him that puppy dog he keeps asking for.

Hair cuts

So after lots and lots of comments from people who need to mind there own I decided I would cut his hair, to which I was trying to grow to see if I could get it to lay flat. See Austin's hair grows straight up to equal hair looking like he put his hand in the electrical socket. 
Right after I cut his hair he kept asking "where'd go" all the while pulling on his hair. So sad day for hair cuts but glad I don't have to hear anymore about it and I have a little boy again not a shocked little boy.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We love our wards play group when we can go we always have fun today was swimming at a members home which was so fun. It was fun to watch Austin play with kids his on age. And we have great friends who ask us if we want to go With them which is always great, since we only have one car and with Travis at work he has the car. So going to play group with people who can take us is always my favorite. We have great friends.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bike and bag

Austin lives bikes but he also loves bags.
So much so that if he can he grab them and takes them everywhere.
He played with this bag for so long.

I don't know about you....

But I think my family is trying just a little hard to brain wash him to go be a duck :)


This happens in this order while copying daddy while we ate dinner one night. He is so fun, it was really nice having daddy  home for 6 weeks while he was out of work Travis is now back to work so every morning Austin asks "where daddy?" I saw he's at work. Austin then says daddy and makes snoring noises and points to our room and say daddy. He then proceeds to think that daddy is sleeping and knocks on our door  till I show him that daddy is not in bed. It's so funny how Austin Tries so hard to find him and the second he realizes I was right he's like ok and goes on playing. I love how he is so chill when even I can tell he is not happy that daddy is gone, and no longer home to play with him. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hat and beads

Always one for a little dress up. He is such a goof 

Batman watching over his city

Like batman Austin watches people from his perch! He lives his cap an mask for Daniel and Catherine they pick a perfect Christmas present for him last Christmas 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Growing up stinks

Yes you see the tummy and legs think its time for 3t clothes for my 2.5 year old. Just hate to do that so soon. Makes mommy sad to see him growing up so fast, to think he was in new born clothes for 5 months before they started to even get a little small. Wish my little man would slow down an stay my little man longer. Love him so much!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blanket pilled high

Austin has a new favorite thing right now. He loves to get all his blankets off his bed and his pillow and sit on the couch and say nigh nigh for 30 mins at a time.
And then jump off and put it all on the other couch on daddy :)


Cleaning lotion boy

I have a cleaning boy 
Wearing my gloves he whipped up the floor
So this week Austin has been really into cleaning. He can vacuum the floor when we let him. He loves it, he loves it when we are at Nona and Grampas house and we get to vacuum for them he loves to use her cool vacuum that drives its self. I love that Austin is starting to ask to do the cleaning its a big help. He has even started cleaning his room befor we ask or with a little bit of help.

Oh another note lotion is a big hit with Austin right now. Sunscreen is called lotion, can't leave the house to swim with put his lotion. He freaks out till he gets his lotion, which is a good thing when i forget to put it on. But not so much when I have put it on and gets mad because he wants more. I put some on his tummy and he rubs it in while I do legs and arms. He loves to help put on lotion. Grampa taught him all about lotion so now we have a lotion fanatic. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Last Sunday

Who knew that a swim suit cover up looked better as a dress
He was waiting for it to be time to go to church
His cute little smile and not so fun scratch from the Sunday before 



Austin has started building blocks not just throwing them at us anymore! 
He is so proud of his tower been a day full of towers this Saturday.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Tuesday

We have been swimming and playing out side a lot for the past week it's so nice to have a pool and have a little guy who likes the water!

Austin sharing a big smile before we start to get ready to go to the pool!

Friday, June 28, 2013


Yes that is Austin standing on a stool to watch a show with daddy today. I think it's funny how many different ways he likes to watch his shows with daddy.

Happy Friday

All smiles for my happy little man! Happy Friday to all and a great Saturday to all! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


grandpa Huff have been very good at teaching Austin that pants diapers underwears all go  on your head only the clean ones mind you, but still. in the 2 times we have been back since moving to texas i think half the time in Washington he has underwears on his head he loves it. every time he does it he asks for grandpa so funny.

i dont know if you can tell but austin has a think about looking down/rolling his eyes at the same time to you makes me not so happy that he does it but he looks kinda crazy funny when he does it. hes such a funny bunny i love him to death

Sunday dress

Austin loves to run from the camera now was trying to get a good picture of his sunday clothes for grandma Huff so she can see how short the vest is for when i send it to her so she can make me a new one hint hint:)

we have been spending a lot and i mean A LOT of time in the pool he is so funny loves the water gets mad when we make him get out. as a result he is tanner on his face than daddy and mamma combined which then makes his white hair even whiter. just glad we put the sun block on and have not burns is all i am gonna say:)

Star Wars bed

the battle has been one!!! as long as we but him in his "roll roll boy roll bed" as he calls it i have no idea why but that is what he calls it:)

Since we have gotten him to sleep in the big boy bed I thought it was about time to get rid of the salmon pink sheets i had on there and put the star wars sheets on there that i bought about 3 months ago for 5$ on clearance, I knew one day he would use them just a matter of when.  

He Calls his sheets the rocket and airplane bed its so funny.

All in all i thought the whole switching him to the big boy bed would be a lot harder than it was but in truth after we listened to him one night ask to be put there instead of fighting with him about the crib he went right down didnt cry at all. goes to show that maybe we should listen a little better when it comes to bed time and listening to what he is screaming about sometimes.

Watching Elmo

Austin since moving to the big boy bed has changed his sleeping times around and now gets to watch Elmo in the morning and that's mostly it since we have been trying to get out more. Austin thinks its the coolest thing to sit in a box or basket to watch his shows and he tips over to climb out. its so funny to here him complain about being 'stuck' then he tips over and says it's broken:)  its so funny Austin thinks everything is broken if its not on or takes a while to work. that is so our fault tho cuz if we say its broken he doesn't ask to watch curious George or Nemo or bath or rid on the bikes and his grandparents house it so funny and nice to not have to tell him no all the time because he tells me its broken and its so funny when he does.

Lets family park east splash pad

Austin wearing Bella's shoes which happens a lot actually every time we hang out with the hamiltons

running away from water in his little eyes

he loved that splashing whale so much

he would run around and around and around the whole little area it was so funny and i have no idea how his feet where not burning, it was 98* that day without the humidity taken into factor.

his tinny little feet prints all over

his hair is getting long again

my tan little baby eating his apple on the run he would take off running then come back for another then run off again with chipmunk cheeks it was so funny.

this is his infamous roll my eyes and look out just the bottom of my eyes slits because i don't want to listen to you mamma because hitting and running away in my book is okay look.

he had such a fun time playing with our friends that day it was a blast watching him interact with the kids.

All in all Austin had a great time playing with his friends he got to play in the water all day and no have to wear floaties or cling to mamma or daddy. He ran for 3 hours straight which meant that he had a great nap so that mamma could take one because something about being in the heat wears you out so much faster that one would think. But i cant wait to take him back to a splash pad again but the next time hopefully daddy can come too!