Saturday, July 9, 2011

fun times

sitting in thw grass for the first time on july 3rd

diggin the grass and some fireworks

great ganny and austin playin hand and foot

watching fireworks on the 4th Austin cried when they where over

new trick is blowing lots and lots of bubbles

cooling off under the fan after a long walk

first new NOT mommy hair cut:)

back from memorial day at austin's blessing

moved everything around

shy face

this is what i wake up too when we nap in mommies bed:)

all smiles

to fast to sit still for the camera

first bath he liked.... hasnt liked any since this one

*layin with hand in the water

watching tv while mommy brushed he teeth and ate and cleaned up for the day:)

creeper smile with daddy at work

so if you cant tell lots has happened in the last few weeks since fathers day. lots of smiles and a few laughs and even a few new adventures with watermelon tasting and frosting tasting all ending in one very happy baby who loves watermelon and frosting. lots of late nights at work with daddy while mommy works out at the gym. fun on the 4th water skiing with Travis aunt while Austin stayed and played with great granny Rawson. a couple sunburns for everyone in the in the family and even one for poor little Austin (we forgot sunscreen one day) but nothing to put any of us out of commission. no we are just trying to get everything put together for our trip to Denver for the next 6 weeks. we will be staying with some amazing friends of ours, they have 3 little girls and i hope to get a lot of girly time because that is far from something we have here:) next weekend is Traivs 25th birthday i am excited for him. we are going to go to the new rexburg water park with friends and maybe even some family if they can make it.... hopfully austin will like that kinda water... if not it will be a very long day for mommy:)