Monday, November 15, 2010

18 weeks now!!!

Went in today for an appointment 18 weeks yeah:) and we have a secret to tell for thanksgiving:) they looked to find the sex of our little baby. the little baby was very very stubborn. 10 mins and no seeing nothing and few flicks later and a few good pushes and we got to know. haha. cant wait to tell people, then i can start doing my shopping for my baby room

Monday, November 8, 2010


So every night Travis goes to work and every night I stay home. I pull up the weather and look at it to find out how cold it is going to be for him, and the past few days where supposed to be snowing... but it waited... and Travis knows how much i love the snow... so this morning after actually going to work with Travis and going to bed at like 1 30 am was woken up by a kiss on the cheek and a come look out side:) only to see SNOW :) he said i wanted to make sure you saw the snow before it stopped. that was at 9 am.... by noon it was about an 1in. deep and its still snowing now with winter weather advisory in effect for another whole day. i am sure the snow is now close to 3 or 4 inches like they warned. :) makes me so happy had massive burst of energy from seeing all the snow. i will take pics in the morning of how much snow we have. its sooo fun! i love snow

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am finally gettin somwhere with gettin unpacked and put away and organized.... only taken almost 2 months 3 move ins and parents and inlaws and grandma to help put us in the right direction. lol. i had yesterday off and all day i cleaned and unpacked and moved boxs, how much work it is to do. not my fav. thing too do is move never done it but 3 times in my life but no no no not for travis many many times has he moved and he is like this is nothin... i disagree since he isnt the one home to unpack. un fare:) lol

Monday, October 25, 2010

New comers!

I see yall have blogs and i think its time we get one and start using one since there are some that dont have facebook and dont get the updates like all the rest. So this is just the place for that.

9 weeks

13 weeks