Monday, August 26, 2013

Daddy time

Austin has been having a lot of fun with Travis these past few days. Playing on the floor and rolling around.
After befor bed Austin has been asking about Jesus a lot. So after we read and pray we watch a short little video about Jesus and its just such a great way to end the day.
Travis and Austin have been taking break while tey play so Travis will lay down, then Austin will usually do the same. Sometimes he even copies him it is always so funny when I come back in the room to find the two laying just the same or siting just the same. Melts my heart to see Austin and Travis play together.


Went walking the other day... Austin was a little tired to begin with but man was he tired by the end kept Fallon asleep.

Nona's house

Austin loves this "kitty" blanket at Nona's house. And we love living so close that we can visit all the time.

Pet store

Went to petco with some friends after a trader joes play group tour. Austin kept asking for a nemo he wanted one so bad. But let's just say every fish I have dies within a few hours. So no fish but maybe one day we can get him that puppy dog he keeps asking for.

Hair cuts

So after lots and lots of comments from people who need to mind there own I decided I would cut his hair, to which I was trying to grow to see if I could get it to lay flat. See Austin's hair grows straight up to equal hair looking like he put his hand in the electrical socket. 
Right after I cut his hair he kept asking "where'd go" all the while pulling on his hair. So sad day for hair cuts but glad I don't have to hear anymore about it and I have a little boy again not a shocked little boy.