Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Austin the big boy!!!

its been a while but this is the big boy now:) walking and having a ball at the store he love to go shopping with mommy and play with all the stuff in the cart:)

UPDATES since christmas:

  • travis graduated
  • travis and i moved to houston (in with his loving parents)
  • looked for work
  • found a job 3 months later he will be working at dover energy
  • austin now has 7 teeth 4 on top 3 on bottom
  • austin had a visit from grandma huff for mommas 21st birthday week
  • austin learned to walk 2.5 weeks after grandma left :( we are all bummed that she missed it he was sooo close when she was here
  • nona and grampa where very happy the walking started at there house so that they didn't miss out:)
  • travis has a calling in the ward as primary teacher
  • i have a calling as a secretary and love it
  • travis starts april 9th and has a trip on the 26th of april and then another but no dates on that one yet
  • had some time to relize that we have amazing family and friends who do a lot for us and that we need to learn to be more like the giving in the sense as to make the time to call those ppl in our lives and tell them we love them and appreciate all that they have done for us in our short married life and hope that, even tho we may not seem like we cared at the time or even were grateful thinking back on the time i know that i am the most grateful and humble person right now.
  • had our 2nd anniversary 
now that your little update is up to date i hope that everyone is having a great easter season and remembering the love that me and travis have for all y'all.
ps i have some videos i need to post so hopefully i can get them to post:)