Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photo dump!!

austin is so in love with standing on the scale he goes looking for it just to stand on it!

this is Austin with his "helmet" while he rides the new bike he got for Christmas this year

we went out to eat one day during the holidays and this was the only way to keep Mr. Austin happy mind you its December and he is wearing shorts then:)

one of our many trips in the car were he thinks he needs to push... this is how we help him go poopoo somtimes so cute

wheres austin??? 

out shopping before Christmas and he kept giving this little Boston terrier kisses aunt Katie would be so happy!!

hiding in his fav new place to hid

he loves his dogs thats for sure

the banana suit that grandma made last year still fits we needed a blanket he wouldn't throw of

changed it back again i flip flop way to much

we love it when daddy comes home a little early and works from home so that we can help!!

yes thats my colander don't judge