Monday, June 25, 2012

We are moved in!!! Cleaning out my phone with pics sorry:)

at grampas and nonas

new apt. i peed myself during my nap

this is 2 am the first night in the new place i could sleep longest night of my life when he was us at 7 after finally failing asleep at 2

we can get out of our crib when really mad...this took 3 mins after i grabbed him out of his room to try and calm him down

on the way home from family grad party

same austin loves wearing glasses



bonked at Nonas house

same papa in the back ground


our cool back pack for the trip to washington in aug



at dinner on night during the weekend move

back park

this morning

this morning austin was very chatty and happy love this pic. austin loves his duck

this is why i dont mind my long days i love this little man soo much
sorry for any repets. i will post pictures up of the apartment when i have it all the way clean and unpacked austin's room in the only one that is clean and unpack completly every where looks like a toddler lives here and that he likes to climbe into his toy bucket which is a new fad of his i wish it would end soon because its not fun cleaning up everything every few hours:)
thats all for now i need to charish this quiet time durning nap time:) doesnt last long some days