Monday, June 20, 2011

fathers day weekend

this weekend we went down to utah for one of my best friends growing ups wedding
katrina, tiffany, bride emily, me, maddy almost all of our group just missin a few girls

me and emily known her my whole life

this is in the car on our way down to utah... somone wouldnt quit screamin so we had to stop for a few mins to play a little
.all in all the weekend was great we stayed with my grandparents and visited with my aunt her family. Austin is smiling more and more everyday now when you shake his bottle you get the biggest eyes its so funny, and when travis is playing with him he makes him "conduct" music to the LSU song or startwars and austin thinks its the best thing since sliced bread. he giggle/coes about how fun it is to be made to do that, i just love it when he smiles with his eyes if he even doesnt with his mouth. i can feel him getting bigger and bigger everyday now he seems to get bigger everytime i pick him up its crazy how much he changes every single day. travis stood on the scale with and without austin and our guess about how big he is around 10.5 with what we got so we will see at the end of july how much he really is. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


family picture 2 months old
so fare this month we have had a busy little few adventurers Austin took his first car trip to Logan Utah for a wedding of Travis cousin
wedding car

sleeping during the reception

car ride back to rexburg

my men

trying to stay out of the hot sun
Bountiful temple
also alex travis brother came and stayed for 2 weeks and we put him to work:)
busy day of nothing but sleeping :)
Austin doesn't like to wake up. its noon here

today Austin has decided to be very social and learn how to smile for real:)

big smiles

holding his flower

eating his flower

lost interest in the flower
little smile
Austin has also learned to roll over but i couldn't get the video to upload so maybe i will get it to upload later

2 months

Austin at 2 months is
9lbs 6oz
23inches long