Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catching up

so as of the last post here are the major things:
*found our we were having a baby boy
*went home for christmas
 Travis and my little broth Taylor laying in the snow by the pool
christmas morning we spent the time at whistler cananda
The snow that we had while there

This video is of Travis and Taylor Laying in the snow while my dad is taking pictures
*Also while being home I got to go to one of my best friends wedding
 all of us girls from left to right me michann maddy emily magen and tiffany
20 ish weeks pregnant and they thought it would all be funny to take this pic because that was me a year ago in the dress:)
*had maddy's husband lucas who is a graphic design major take some maternity pictures for me and travis
*got put on bed rest after falling down our apartment stairs and after spending a good part of that weekend in and our of the hospital at 36 weeks pregnate
35 weeks pregnant a few days before i feel down the stairs
* at 37 weeks started going in for doctors visits every 3 days to make sure all was well since my blood pressure was now threw the roof since the great fall
* at 38 weeks my parents came to stay
*38 weeks weekend my brother gradutated from BYU-Idaho and took myself of bedrest to go to all the events
*39 weeks Monday morning of 4/11/2010 I was induced
I was in and hooked up to all the monitors around 8 815 then my doctor came in around 845 and broke my water and put me on pitocin. then around noon i got an epidural and at 630 i started pushing 45 mins later at 7:32 Austin was born 18.5 inches 7lbs 6oz cone head beyond all get out, lots of bruising and happy as could be
 Austin with Granpa Huff right befor he had to leave to go back to washington

Austin had alot of fun little trials in his first few weeks... tounge tied so that means the had to cut his tong from the bottom of his mouth so he could eat.... couldnt really eat for the first 4 days ish... had some really really bad jaundice and had many blood tests to were his feet looked like he got attacked my bees.... couldnt poop for the first week of life.... lost a ton of weight to were he went down to 6lbs 11 ozs and that was this monday at 2 weeks old and he started gaining as of wensday this week and yesterday he weighed in at 7lbs 1oz and 20.5 inches long... for his weight and age my little guy is only in the 8% tile :( and we have to go back next week and they want him at his birth weight if not bigger by then. but other than that he is a healthy happy baby boy who doesnt look to skinny unless you look at his legs:) here are a few pictures of over the past little bit.